Workbooks & Downloads

You need support in building a strong and sustainable DEIB program – but you also need to keep planning, build out your KPIs, and measure your successes.

How do you make time for creating a culture of belonging when your are trying to hit your next budget milestone?
Stop separating your business plans from your culture and engagement programs.

Our suite of DEIB tools are professionally designed to guide you through assessing your needs, finding your gaps, and aligning your goals to ensure your business is not just successful – it’s equitably sustainable.

The DEI Toolkit: Excel in Your Pursuit of Equity

Empower your organization’s journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. This comprehensive bundle brings together a powerful array of resources designed to help you achieve excellence in fostering a culture of equity and inclusivity. Included in this bundle: DEI Audit: Assess your organization’s current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion with precision using our DEI audit.…


Equity in Action Workbook

Unlock the power of equitable business development and decision-making with ‘Equity in Action: Transforming Business Problems into Inclusive Solutions.’ Drive positive impact for your business, employees, and communities. Download now and lead with purpose.


Business and DEI Alignment Decision Framework

The Business and DEI Alignment Decision Framework is a valuable tool designed to guide organizations in making decisions that align with their goals for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).



Inclusive Leaders Workbook

Deciding what kind of leader you are going to be will shape the course of your business.This workbook will guide you through planning and practices to ensure your business and leadership style are built on a foundation of belonging.