Dana M. Edgerly Yates

HR And DEI Professional

My name is Dana M. Edgerly Yates, I use He/Him pronouns. I am an experienced Human
Resources (HR) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) professional. I have a strong
background in program and project management, and have worked with many executive level
stakeholders, on many different projects. My skills vary from being able to mobilize resources,
manage across teams and Coaching and Leadership development. I have been extremely
valuable in my recent roles working in the Corporate and Non-profit sector. I was called to
deepen my practice in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sector on the heels of the world’s
monumental social justice changes in the last decade.

The global pandemic, coupled with the
killing of underrepresented minority groups, specifically black men and members of the
LGBTQIA+ community, fueled my commitment to foster safer spaces for historically
marginalized groups. My goal is to continue this work and connect with other organizations and
help them amplify the organizational growth potential by modeling sustainable Equity, Diversity,
Access, and Inclusion (EDAI/DEI) frameworks.